About Sarah


Hey, friend! Sarah here, the (barely) adult human behind A Nice Little Life.

I was born & raised in Minnesota. The mister and I did a nickel in Chicago when we were first married, but we call Minnesota our home…in the United States. We also have a home in Serbia, which is where my husband is from, and we travel there once a year. Stateside, we live in a small town (pop. ~3000) in a simple little 120 year old house. There’s a third-grade boy and a boxer-mix-mutt dog who accompany us. Both are always hungry. Both are ridiculously adorable.

As long as I can remember I’ve been into art, drawing, color, decorating, and being creative in general. It’s just part of me. There have been times in the past where I’ve let life get in the way of artistic endeavors (child rearing, anyone?) but not anymore. It’s too important for my soul and I’m so much happier when I’ve had time to create, make, or imagine. My primary goal for this here corner of the internet is to share & celebrate that, as well as cheer on those of you who are or have been in the same damn boat.

It’s also important for you to know that I am a textbook introvert, an INFJ to be more specific. It wasn’t until the past handful of years that I realized how much introversion affects my daily life. Part of me always thought I was just awkward, shy, maybe even selfish. Nope. I’m none of those things! Down time is my JAM, that’s all. So if you’re an innie, too, know this: I understand you!

As if being an introvert wasn’t enough, I also suffer from anxiety & depression which can be pretty debilitating. It’s not the sexiest thing, but it’s part of me and I’m not ashamed of it.  Like supporting my introverts, I also want to extend my hand to those of you who live with these mental health issues because I understand you, too! If you find yourself struggling, know that you can reach out to me. I mean it.


Yeah, that stuff’s deep and it does screw with my life but I’m not sad, boring or milquetoast. Color makes me happy (and it’ll make you happy, too!) and I like to go out on a Friday night, drink some beers, and swear like a fucking sailor. Honestly, ummm, I don’t need beer to do that. Fair warning. Most of the time I feel just fine, have a positive attitude, and try to see the world for what it CAN be, not as it is. (Much to my practical mister’s dismay.)

In other words, I’m gloriously complicated just like every other human being on Earth. I’d rather put it all out there and be happy than try to hide my flaws & struggles for the sake of the Joneses. Fuck that. You know we only have one life, right?

This is not a busy blog because I don’t rush for anybody, but I hope that when I do manage to post, you’ll find what you read to be inspiring, thoughtful, colorful and positive.

Thanks for being here!

Love, Sarah