About ANLL

Yeahhhhh, you’re gonna have to bear with me here.

A Nice Little Life was initially going to be something of a lifestyle blog, but as time passed I realized I wanted it to be more art heavy because I’ve finally gotten into a routine of making art almost every day and it makes me really happy! So there’ll be lots of that, but from time to time I have these big, rambling thoughts – deep thoughts, if you will – that have more to do with the big picture that parallel with the ideas of slow living and hygge, which definitely reflect my initial idea of a “nice, little” life.

Your “nice, little” life might look a bit different from mine and that’s okay. If we were all the same our time here would be totally fucking boring. To keep it simple, here’s a list of things I think make for a nice, little, happy life that are likely to make appearances in this space alongside the art stuff:

  • using your creativity every day (which is easier than it sounds)
  • filling your home with color & art
  • dreaming big dreams, even if you’re pushin’ 40 years old (ahem…)
  • taking care of your things
  • reducing/reusing/repurposing
  • quiet – solitude – alone time
  • loud music/dance parties in the kitchen (ironic, right?)
  • committing to & communicating with your spouse/partner
  • NOT committing to every invitation that comes your way
  • laughter
  • self-care/soul work
  • gardening/yardening/enjoying nature
  • general slowing-the-hell-down
  • peace in the home
  • love & kindness, lots of it, always

You guys, I am a master of nothing but the mister and I have managed to carve out a pretty decent little way of living in this crazy world. We don’t make a ton of money so it’s not our income that has made it possible, and we both work literally back-breaking jobs. It’s prioritizing, organizing, shared interests, and a little bit of dreaming that made it possible, and we’re still tweaking! I feel really passionate about wanting people to be more conscious about how they’re spending their days. Not in a “don’t do that” or “I can do it better” way, just in a “we’re all in this together, life’s too short, are you sure you’re really happy?” sort of way.

Those are all pretty big themes, but don’t worry, I also love to just…

  • Get my thrift ON
  • Scour Target clearance racks
  • Paint everything in sight
  • Buy magazines
  • Pay the bills late (sorry, babe)
  • Sleep in (and take naps)
  • Oogle and drool on Instagram & Pinterest
  • grab a pizza when I don’t feel like cooking

Life’s complicated, messy, stressful, busy. I’m trying like hell to make mine NOT like that. Though getting back into an art routine has definitely been a positive, the only reason it was even an option was because I started getting rid of other crap to make room & time for it and the other things I love most. As I have grown and changed and improved as a human, art has been the one constant, the one thing that people could always make note of about me. “Oh, Sarah? Yeah, she’s super creative.” I like that. A lot.

Welcome to…all of this, whatever it is.