Well, Some Stuff Happened



In true Sarah fashion, I went and done-did some more thinkin’ & changin’ around here. I’m happy to report that The 100 Day Project is going really well so far, but that might only be because I switched up my angle.

What was supposed to be an exploration of A Nice Little Life turned into a concentration of just making art. After about four days, I realized how sad I was that I didn’t do a strictly art-related project so I dropped my original idea and have been making art ever since. You can check it all out on Instagram @sarah_anicelittlelife.

The good news is that even more thinkin’ happened and I’ve come to the conclusion that I do still want this space to be here – this blog space. I like writing and want to have a spot to jot when the mood strikes. I’ve been trying to find a new WordPress theme I like, so that has changed again and I’ve also updated the About Sarah and About ANLL pages to better explain what the hell is goin’ on around here and what my focus will be from this point on.

There are a few post ideas that have been brewing that I hope to get up in short order. If they come fast & furious, please know I’m not trying to be spammy. My goal is to get more content loaded so I can see if I’m actually going to like the new theme I picked (it’s hard to tell with only two live posts, ya know?).

So sorry for the mess around here. Then again, I’m not. It’s all part of a process I’m still trying to fully understand. The ugly bits come with the territory!

Love, Sarah


One thought on “Well, Some Stuff Happened

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