A Nice Little Life is Under Construction!

Hey friends!  This woefully ignored blog is getting a little makeover.  Here’s what’s goin’ on:

  1. I almost deleted the whole stupid thing.
  2. I mean, I did.  All the old content is gone.
  3. But I like the name so that’s staying.
  4. I accidentally started a new Instagram account in January. (@sarah_anicelittlelife)
  5. So I deleted my old IG account.
  6. And now I love Instagram as much as chocolate.
  7. On it, I found #the100dayproject (see www.the100dayproject.org)
  8. And I’m using that challenge to explore what A Nice Little Life means. (using #100daysofanicelittlelife)
  9. Which means – new posts comin’ atcha relatively soon!
  10. At the end of this project/experiment, I’ll know if this li’l blog of mine was really meant to be or not.
  11. You’re invited to watch me crash & burn…or maybe even succeed!

Over 100 days (April 4-July 12) I’ll be exploring 100 ideas with art, craft, musings, photos and creativity in general in an attempt to try to finally take A Nice Little Life out of my head and onto paper, so to speak.  ‘Cuz I’ve always just felt like I’m floundering around on here with no clear direction or aesthetic which leads me to ignore this space.  And I don’t like that. I say I like blogging, but if I did, wouldn’t I make more time for it?  Then again, I think about blogging all the time but shy away because I’ve never been fully sure of what the hell I’m doing.  My hope is that this exploration helps me figure it out one way or the other.

Though the project is to be documented on Instagram, I plan on using certain concepts to create new content here so we’ll see you again soon!  In the meantime, please excuse my mess while I reconfigure the site.




Discussing is fun at A Nice Little Life. Join in!

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